Jan. 14th, 2013

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So, what's going on here. Not a whole lot. I got back in touch with my very dear friend Liz this past week. We'd met when I was 13, and she was 17 at the Tennessee track conference. When we'd met we had just struck up this natural friendship, and it was awesome. My silly 13-year-old self thought it was cool that a 17-year-old was interested in what I'd had to say, and didn't find me immature or anything. We'd lost touch a couple times, but each time we'd gotten back in touch, we'd picked up right where we'd left off. Filling each other in on life, love, music, everything. Because Facebook is an awesome thing, I'm sure that we won't lose touch again. Catching up with her yesterday was so far the high point of my year. Sure we're only 14 days in to the year, but I'm just being honest about everything. The other high point was the most recent hang out session with Bob.
Had my pre-birthday lunch today with my favorite former music teacher ms. Brattain. we'd decided to go to Villa Nova, and a wise choice it was. Good food, a waiter that reminded me of my tattoo friend Anthony as far as voice, and I got to see 3 former OSSB staff members. Ms. Tilton-Mauer, Mrs. Johnson, and Dr. O'Keefe. I now call them their actual names, which is rather strange, but it's something that I could get used to. I got to catch up the most with Doc, and Diane, and it wasn't as weird as I'd thought it'd be. Doc at first asked me if I’d kept up with any of my classmates, and I said "Well, not really." Sure, I’ve got people on Facebook, but as far as the people that talk to me and give a shit and such, I don't really keep up with anyone I graduated with on a regular basis.
The lunch was awesome. I had Spaghetti Carbonari with bacon, and I'll have that again when I go back to Villa Nova. Was trying to remember the dish that I'd had with bob that was in the oval shaped bowl, but I couldn't remember it for the life of me. Their Braille menu is in pretty good condition, and actually has large print on the pages with the braille. Sort of a two-in-one. I'm thinking that other blind people had gone in there, since when we'd asked about the menu the guy knew exactly what we were talking about. Sure, a lot of restaurants have such things, but I wasn't sure if a lot of the smaller ones did.
Ms. B, and I caught up on life as well, and talking to her came naturally. I'd noticed that I'd talked to her a lot about bob, but I did also mention the getting back in touch with Liz. We also discussed parents, guide dogs, lots of other things.
We'd decided to pay a visit to the school after lunch, and Cynthia gave us a sort of tour of the new dorms. They seem to be pretty nice. I'd stay in one if I were a student. everything was nice and spacious, and quite echoy, which I'd ever so me like pointed out. neither of the ladies seemed to think of me as though I were a kid, which I was kind of afraid of. I'd actually like to talk with all 3 of them much more often. If we strike up friendships, cool. Of course now that I’m not with them I'd actually thought of a couple other staff members I’d love to get back in touch with, like Karen Koehler for example. I've always thought she was awesome.
Ms. B, and I came back to the house and chatted a bit, then she left. I'm hoping that when it gets warmer that we can get together again, and that Bob can even meet her. I'll have to discuss it with him, because of where she lives, but she'd actually given me a neutral meeting point, which is quite near Bob's house, so it very well could work. She and I joked about how we always email a couple times then all this time passes, and the next thing we know it's one or the others birthdays. I'd actually like her to come here this year for her birthday, but we'll see what ends up happening. I informed her that I'm going to do a better job at staying in touch, since I am sometimes bad at this, but we'll see what happens. We hugged, Wendell didn't get in between us, then she left. I adore that particular woman. :)
As far as the birthday I’m not sure what I'm doing. I'm hoping that Bob and I can have lunch or dinner, but we'll see. Regardless, I'm hanging out with him on Thursday because of the party, so we'll see. He did say when I’d mentioned hanging out with Ms. B.. "Yay, I can have lunch with you on your birthday."
I want to get back to one of my books, so I think I’m going to conclude this entry. I’m glad that I’m getting back in to updating again. I think I've kind of missed it.

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