Dec. 15th, 2014

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Wow, I've not updated in forever. I always told myself that I'd not kill my LJ, but that seems to be what I'm doing, since there's Twitter, and Facebook. They just seem so much easier than LJ.
Life has been really good though. I finally, after 5 years got to see my very dear friend Jessica. I could go in to everything that we'd done, but let's just say it was an amazing time. Another 5 years isn't going to pass until we see each other again, if we have it our way.
I will say though, that Jessica kind of got me out of my comfort zone, and we did use Lyft a couple of times. The first time i did tell the driver that I was kind of scared of being in a strangers car. He did reassure me that the drivers are tested thurrowly, and that put my mind at ease. Oh, was that Greaders Icecream that Jessica and i had that particular evening awesome.
The two of us did spend a lot of time hanging out and talking, and catching up on what life had to offer, so that was awesome. She's gotten me in to reading the outlander books, and while i'm still on book 1, I'm quite enjoying the book. I can't say that I can't read a 43 hour long book any more though, which I will so talk about now.
The Kingkiller Chronicles are probably the longest books that I've read, and that I could pay attention to. they're all about this guy named Kvothe, and what he goes through to be where he's at now, being an inn keeper. I know that I make that seem really boring, but oh, my Gosh. When you get past Kvothe's innitial arrogance and get in to the story, he's just so awesome.Rothfuss does have a way with words and he keeps you on the edge of your seat, just wanting to find out what happens to Kvothe, and where he's going to go next.
Ally Condie's also written a new book aside from the Matched trilogy. It's not even in that universer, and it's pretty good. It's one of those books where i'll have to read it a second time to get all the details, but I did like it.
Bob and i are doing just amazing. I'm convinced that if he ended up asking me "The question" I'd say yes. Sure, we have our fights, and all, but they really are few and far between. I've noticed though that since I've gotten rid of ustin all together, that i'm in such a better headspace. Sure, I do think about him sometimes, but it's more of a, "I hope he's doing well," sort of thought.
Bob and i have been going to several shows, and they've been fun. We've met another couple at the shows, Jamie, and Ian. Ian's 19, and Jamie's 27, and they're pretty fun. Jamie and i have books in common, and Ian and Bob have horror movies in common, so that works out pretty nicely. yes, I'll totally go to a Metal show, and discuss what I've been reading, because yes, I'm that kind of nerd. Haha.
speaking of people named Jamie, my male friend Jamie decided that he wanted to end his friendship with me. He said I wasn't returning his phone calls, and our lives were going in two totally different directions. Yes, I'm hurt by it, but there's not really anything that I can do about it. I'm not the first person that he's done this to. It seems like if you don't talk to him on his terms, and give him the attention that he wants, he'll just end things with you. I'm sorry, but i thought that one of the main points of friendships was to stick with one another through the good times and the bad times? Sure, people will go awhile without talking, but that doesn't mean that the friendship is any les, or that said person doesn't mean as much to you. It just means that things happen, and that people will catch up when they catch up. It's just a fact of life. I don't hate Jamie in the least, there's no reason for any of that. If he calls me, and wants to resume the friendship, I might do it, but i know that in the back of my head, I'll wonder when my next mess up will be, and when he'll get irritated, and want to end things again. Eventually he'll have no one but his fiance, and that'll be a really sad existence for him. will I be there to pick up the pieces? I'm not sure.
I also ended another friendship with someone else. Aaron L. Things were just irritating me too much, and I'm convinced more than ever that he's making Facebook profiles, and making up all these fake identities. I hope that he gets caught in this act, because people just don't deserve to be under his bad influence. Bob and i did call him on the whole Amber thing, and Aaron, as any pathological liar would turned the entire discussion around as though we were the crazy ones, and not him. This happened on the night of the Halloween party at Eldo's. I'd just had enough of it, and I told Aaron L, absulutely everything that I thought as far as the situation. Bob did the same as well. For awhile I felt kind of upset about losing Aaron as a friend, but I really don't need that kind of dishonesty in my life. I can see it all from Aaron's point of view. I'm sure that he thinks that I betrayed him, and how I'm the bad person in the situation, because the way that he most likely looks at it, I am the bad one. I just did what i thought was right, and I feel good about the situation. He'll never get the psychological help that he needs, and that's really too bad.
I did however get back in touch with someone very dear to me recently. I had gone to a Baptist church several years ago, and I befriended a lady I used to , and still will refer to her in here as Julie K. I had had this quite vivid dream awhile ago that Julie was quite sick, and in the dream, I thought she was going to die. I had remembered her last name, spelling, and all, and I sent her a Facebook message, and told her about the dream. The two of us talked on the phone today, and it was awesome. The last time that I had seen her was in 2009, and I think she was going through a bad time of life. We're supposed to be hanging out on Friday, so I hope that this goes well. I did tell her about my being confused about God, and such, and she took it a lot better than I thought she would. I was kind of surprised.
I suppose I'll end this entry for now, so more later.

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