Mar. 22nd, 2017

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I'm going to do my absolute best, as far as updating this journal.

Things are going well. Bob and I have been busy with lots of singing karaoke, and I've enjoyed every bit of it. We do still go to Eldo's, which is just as fun as it used to be. We've also been frequenting karaoke at Zuey's. I've not learned any new songs or anything lately, but I really do need to do just that, since I'm kind of tired of singing most of the songs I currently sing.

We've even made some newer friends at karaoke, which has been such fun. My favorite being one of the two Ricky's. I've known Ricky for a good while, but it's only within the past several months that I've gotten to really bond with him, and talk on a normal basis. We'll talk about everything from music, to religion, to beer, and he's just so much fun. I'd like to hang out with him outside of karaoke, but I'm not sure how that's going to end up happening. He works at a Chinese restaurant, so perhaps Bob and I will go in sometime, and seehim at work, and something could happen from there. Ricky has video games in common, so it's always so fun to hear the two of them talk about that.

Then we have Dave. My first memory of Dave, actually has to do with Wendell. i was at either karaoke, or open mic night, I can't remember which, and Wendell had to go outside. I walked outside Eldo's, and told Wendell to find the grass. She didn't want to, because "Oh, there are people, and i'm going to be an excited dog." dave comes up to me, and asks if I needed to find some grass, so Wendell could do what she needed to do. I said, "Yes, I sure would, that'd be super nice of you." He then takes me to the grass, Wendell does what she needs to do, I go back inside, and continue whatever it was I was doing inside. Time passes. Bob and i are at Eldo's for karaoke, and Dave comes up to us, tells me who he is, and i say. "Oh, wow, I remember you. You helped me with Wendell several years ago." We all then started hanging out at Eldo's pretty regularly. Our table became the table where everyone is different, yet we all bond. Bob, Ricky, Dave, and I.

There were other things that I was going to talk about, but I'm hungry. I just sort of wanted to write all that down for posterity sake.

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