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Things are going all right here. Wendell was sick last week, but it's all on the mend now. She started puking pretty regularly on Tuesday and I couldn't figure out why. She wasn't puking food or bile or blood or anything, so i was confused. Thursday night we went over to Bob's and it got worse over there. I'd told Bob from the beginning that Wendell was pretty sick, but he still wanted us to come over. that was probably one of the longest nights ever, sleep wise. When Wendell wasn't getting sick though it was actually fun. We finished Freaks and Geeks, as well as having dinner with Bob's mom and her boyfriend. We went to Fiesta Jalisco where i'd not been in years. I briefly thought of both Kel and Moose. Luckily Wendell waited to get back to the house to do any of the getting sick, but I felt so bad for Bob when she was doing it. I also felt bad for her, and at about midnight, I made the decision to not give her any water. Wasn't because I didn't want her to drink, it was just she kept puking. It didn't work though. Every time both bob and I were going to sleep she'd wake us up.
The vet visit went well though. I was a tiny bit irritated since the receptionist that I like best thought we'd canceled, even though we hadn't, but when we saw Dr. Molar it all went quickly. Everything as far as Wendell checked out fine. Ears, stomach, mouth, heart, liver, lungs, glucose, electrolites everything else that could be checked for. I'm guessing that the sickness was a stomach bug, because now she's fine. i've still got to give her pills for a couple more days, so hopefully once she's off them everything will continue to stay normal. Was kind of funny though. I gave her the one pill the other night, and because I'd put too much peanut butter on the spoon, she was more interested in that than the pill. I finally got it down, but I guess sometimes canines are smarter than us humans.
Wendell stuff aside life has been good. I think that I'm starting to like suspense thrillers, and Mysteries a bit more than I used to. Liz suggested that I read the linda Castillo novels, and I enjoyed them. Helped that they took place here in Ohio, and Madelyn Buzzard read three of the four books. I liked that the books had the storyline having to do with the case, as well as a bit of a romance to them. They were more solving the cases than romance, but the bonus helped.
I also read three of the Kinsey Millhone alphabet series novels by Sue Grafton both of which I enjoyed. Kinsey is indeed someone you don't want to mess with. She can also be funny as well, so this helps. I'm having a difficult time getting through the fourth book because it's not read by the same narrator, but if it ends up as good as the first two books I'll stick with it. BARD's got them all in Braille, so I can use the WinBT translator, and read them with the VW Kate voide that i'm fond of. Anything's better than reading with Eloquence at least in my humble opinion.
I've also gone back to reading the Elm Creek Quilts series which thankfully are read by the same narrator. i'm just so picky about this. I understand that one reader either commercially or via the NLS can't read every single book in every series. It just seems that it happens more with the NLS. Maybe I've just been lucky with the commercial books that I've read, and it's been quite a lot of them. it was all explained to me, but it doesn't mean that i've got to like it. Ha. Least the NLS is trying to add more of the commercial books, so hopefully this will speed up the process of getting newer books out quicker. I'm just glad that i've got alternative ways of getting reading material, like the public library.
I'm not sure what else to talk about, so I'll close this entry. Listening to BlindFunk's show, and I've got no idea if i want to play Death metal or Country on my show tomorrow. X T F M.

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