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My first Valentines Day with Bob was pretty awesome.
We'd discussed all week where to go, and we'd finally decided on The Cheesecake Factory, since I’d never been there before. Bob arrived, and Wendell got all excited to see him like she usually does. I had to freshen up with perfume, let Wendell get her excitement out, then we were ready to go. Bob and I discussed "Reached" and the Matched trilogy on the way to his Mom's house, which was fine with me.
We got to the restaurant, and I heard all this jazz music, and walking in to the restaurant, I realized the place was echoey. I kind of wondered about the people that were eating there, but I didn't ask Bob about them. They asked if I wanted a braille menu, and I said that I indeed did. We sat down at the table, ordered our drinks then Bob asked me if I'd just rather he read me the menu, or at least the section I'd wanted. I said "yeah, why?" His response was, "The Braille menu is huge." I looked at it, and it made me think of one of the Braille Seedlings books for children books with the braille only on one side. I did look at some of the menu though so it wasn't like I didn't pay attention to it. Bob must have been paying attention to what I was reading, and the table of contents, because he turned the menu to a page, and had me read part of it. It was the section with the red velvet cheesecake, and the Adam's Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake. I asked how the hell he knew where that was in the menu, and that's when he informed me that there was large print on the menu as well. We both laughed, and I continued reading.
I ended up getting one of the Cajun pasta dishes that had chicken, and bowtie pasta, and it was indeed awesome. I kept telling myself that I needed to save room for cheesecake, but it was so hard to stop eating. I finally did though, and when I started eating the Mocha cheesecake I'd decided on getting, I figured that was a wise choice. Since Bob, his Mom, and I all got three different cheesecakes we all tried a bite of each others. usually Bob and I try a bite of each others dinners but since we got the same thing there was no need to do this. I did jokingly ask if he'd wanted a bite of my dinner though.
We dropped Bob's mom off, then came back to my house and hung out for awhile. Bob had suggested that I get some William Gibson books to read, so I got on BARD, and did just this. I slowed JAWS with Eloquence down for him, so he could at least understand it, and I showed him VW Kate reading "Reached" of course. He said that voice wasn't bad, but she didn't know where to annunciate. the voice doesn't really, but it's a hell of a lot better than reading a book with eloquence, which I refuse to do under any circumstance. We'd decided to start reading "Cruel Sacrifice" by Aphrodite Jones, which Madelyn Buzzard reads. I wasn't sure if Bob would like her reading or not, but he does. This does indeed make me happy. At one point in the prologue there was an unintentional music reference, and Bob and I both said the same thing at the same time. We both laughed, then continued reading. This saying things at the same time, and thinking things at the same time is something we do quite often.

Bob got tired, and left awhile later, and I went back to listening to music, since I'd gotten some new stuff, and wanted to check it out. My favorite of the new stuff thus far being Burlap Wolf King. he's a Country Blues artist, and is just awesome. I sent him a message on Facebook, telling him that I'd gotten his album, and he actually sent me his new EP for free for air play. I felt that I should have paid for it, but I won't complain about free. I'd like to talk with him more on Facebook, since he seems to be a pretty nice guy so far.
Back on the book front though I finished both "Delirium" and "Pandemonium" yesterday and today. They're young adult dystopian novels, and I liked them a lot. Not quite as well as the Matched trilogy but they were indeed captivating. Hopefully the commercial version will be available right when the print edition is out in March so that I don't have to wait a super long time to read it. BARD can be slow with such things. After all, Reached has been out since November, and it's still not on BARD. Luckily I'm getting it from the library as soon as the 7 people ahead of me are finished reading it, but still.

Not much else to say. Going to go back to reading Harry Potter. Also going to re-read the Harold’s of Valdemar series, I think. I should re-read the Black Jewels books since I’m getting a couple of those from the library too, but we'll see. Read those in text as well, so want to read the actual audio books. more soon.

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