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Be prepared to read.

The show was awesome, as is Jess. Bob and I got to the place an hour or so before the show started. Jess had said that the place was about the size of the Alrosa, so when bob and I got there and realized it was a tiny hole in the wall kind of place I kind of started to worry. What if Jess told us wrong, what if we were in the wrong place, things like that. I ended up worrying for nothing.
The first shitty band was rehearsing, and I thought, "Oh, cool, another band with a female singer, this could be cool." Oh, how wrong I was.
Jess finally came in, and he and Bob acknowledged each other. I wondered who Bob was talking to, and he was like, "Gina, it's Jess." I got a bit shy, since it was a new person and all, but it evaporated quickly.
Talking to him was super easy. His voice wasn't what I imagined it'd be like, but it was a pleasant voice nonetheless, and he ended up being so nice. We all talked a lot before the show, and I felt quite comfortable in the situation. Bob was a little bit quiet, and I felt like I was talking too much, but I guessed I wasn't after all. Jess had met Mlny, from Royal Thunder, and talked to her for a couple seconds. He then turns around and says, "Oh, I should have said, these are my friends Bob and Gina." I whole heartedly agreed with this then laughed.
The first band was this stupid shitty chick fronted band and I can't even remember the name. The vocals were crap, the instruments were crappy, and the chick singer was a stupid whore. She was rude too. Saying things after every song like. "Our merch is only 10 U.S. dollars." Then after another song, she said, "Who's going to show their boobs? Maybe one of these guys, because I’m married." Since when has that stopped some people? She also said, "You need to buy our merch, because 2 thirds of us are from D.C., and we all need a way to get home." I think this was followed by her saying something about sucking dick for money if people didn't buy the merch. Then the final thing she said was. "Who got paid on the first of the month, and is spending money on alcohol? We can drink beers quickly on stage before Ancient VVisdom comes on stage." (VVisdom pronounced Wisdom, I find out).
Jess had asked me when I'd wanted to get merchandise, but I was being kind of shy, but I decided between the shitty and, and Ancient VVisdom would be as good of a time as any. We walked up to the Royal Thunder table, and started talking to the guy. He asked me how I was, and I said that I was kind of irritated, but that my night was improving. Both he and Bob explained to me the t-shirts, and I’d finally decided on one. Of course now I can't remember what's on it now. A pyramid, perhaps? The only thing I’d had was a $20, and the guy didn't have change, but I guess one of the other band members did. This means that technically, I've got a $5.00 bill from Royal Thunder. Haha. I'd felt this heat coming from the table, and I asked if there was a candle on the table. Their were a couple little ones surrounded by rocks and pine cones and things. Jess starts talking to the guy, and said something about "Your set." I said. "What? That's one of the guys from Royal Thunder?" Jess said, "Yeah, that's the guitarist. I got a bit shy, then asked if they were going to do Grave Dance, which is my favorite song off the EP. He said that since they'd gotten a new drummer as of four months ago that he didn't know it. Then Jess asked if I wanted to meet Mlny, (Melanie), the singer). I said, "Sure." I got a little bit shy, then remembered the Youtube I’d heard, and I told her how she kind of sounded like Sarah, from the one Real World." I said it wasn't a bad thing, but I didn't want to just stand there, and say nothing. I'd noticed that she'd had bracelets on, and of course I looked at them, and said they were cool. Not kiss ass like or anything, She then switched hands, and said, "Well, look at these." I did, and I thought, "Oh, I wanted them." One of them was kind of wide, and was kind of braided. I was like, "Hey Bob, look at this," then pointed to the particular bracelet. I then asked her if they were going to do the above mentioned song, and she said the same thing Josh did. Jess then came over, and said, "Hey Gina, do you and Bob want a picture with Mlny?" We said that we did, and Jess said that his phone wasn't a smart phone, but he'd still take the picture anyways. Mlny was like, "I'll turn you around, and she faced me in the proper direction. Not that I'd not have known which way to turn, but I wasn't gonna complain. I didn't want to bump in to anyone either. We told them we hoped the show went well, then I heard Jess say, "Gina will mention you guys on her radio show. She's been talking about seeing you guys on Facebook for like 3 weeks." Not in a bad way. It kind of made me laugh, since I wasn't even really thinking about XTFM at the time. I didn't want to be "That person." Especially if internet radio does indeed die. Perhaps if I see them again and we talk more often I might, but not even then. We thanked them for the merch, then went back to our seats. I'm sure they're too busy to listen to internet radio, but if they were ever to ask about it, I might mention it. Would have worked nicely if either Bob or I had an XTFM t-shirt, then I might have been like, "Yeah, that's my internet radio station. "At one point Mlny had mentioned Bob's t-shirt being cool, but I can't remember if that was before or after the show. LOL.
ancient VVisdom did a pretty good set, and I liked their music. One of their songs had a pretty interesting key signature going on, but I can't remember what the song was, since I'm not really familiar with them. I'd see them again though. The singer then made a Doors reference which Jess explained to me, then I told Bob. I figured The Doors would be something Jess and Bob would have in common. Bob really dug Ancient Vvisdom as well, and wanted to purchase their albums. I would too if I were to see them again. I wasn't sure if they were religious or intellectual. Bob thinks Intellectual, and that very well could be.
During the set I smelled something that smelled like a candle. It ended up being incense both Bob and Jess informed me. I briefly wondered if they'd put the candles out at the Royal Thunder merch table, then giggled to myself, knowing they most likely had.
Royal thunder's set was awesome. Mlny sang almost better than on the CD's, and I was impressed. I was pretty much speechless during the show. I thought Liz would have enjoyed it, since she used to be in a band. Songs they did included No Good, Blue, Hotel Bend, Whispering World, and their finale was Parsonz Curse which was amazing. I had thought that during the set that Josh was playing the guitar in between all of the songs, but I then figured out that it was some kind of affect. There was even a point where Josh and Mlny did this cool bass and guitar duo. I was like, "Oh, wow, husband and wife having a moment up on stage. Awesomeness." the sound was pretty spectacular. I thought at a couple points they could have made Mlny's voice a tiny bit louder, but I certainly wasn't going to complain. I just sat there, and was like, "Oh, my God, this is the most amazing thing ever." I'd turn to Bob after a song was over, and be like, "Wow!" He'd laugh. Jess was up front, which was fine, since he said that he'd be back after they were finished. I'd said, "You'd better be, or I'll be mad at you."
Royal Thunder finished, and we were standing there, and Mlny comes up and said. "I probably smell bad, but I want to give you a hug." I said, "That's fine," and she hugged me. She didn't smell bad at all, but I thought. "Whoa, she looked for Bob and I. That's awesome." Jess said he was going to go back and talk with Josh, the guitarist for a bit, and we followed. Bob caught the drummer, and we started talking to him. I asked him if he was the quiet one, and he said he was. Bob then asked, "I have a question." Then he asked if Royal Thunder was a Doom band or not. Evan, the drummer, then started talking about drummers that he was influenced by, and what he'd listened to a lot of. The Cult, Danzig, Type O Negative. Bob and the drummer talked and they got along famously. I was happy about this, since I didn't know if Bob had really gotten to meet Mlny, and when he talked with Josh, they were talking about the merch. Then Evan, Bob and I started talking about A Pale Horse Named Death, and Seventh Void. I'd said that I liked APHND better than Seventh Void, and Evan said he'd only heard a couple Seventh Void songs. He was indeed not quiet when talking to Bob, and that was awesome. We then learned from Josh that they were going to probably come back in April with The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Faceless. I don't know who The Dillinger Escape Plan is, but I do know who The Faceless is, and like them, though I'm not super fond of their latest album.
Jess said that Mlny was by the stage talking to people, so after Bob and I talked with the drummer, we went to talk to her again. She takes my hand and said, "I figure this is something you'll like." Then she put a bracelet on my right hand that's gold beads, and the beads are shaped like little skulls! I was quite speechless, and didn't know what to say other than "Aww, Thanks." I almost cried, as silly as that sounds. It was kind of an "Oh, my gosh," kind of moment. We told them all to stay in touch, and that we'd see them the next time they're in town. Jess said that they'd came like 3 times last year, so hopefully that happens again. Their next gig was in Cincinnati the next night, and I said, "Hey bob, let's go to Cincinnati, to see them again. We all laughed. As much as I'd like to wear the bracelet all the time, I think I'll just wear it on special occasions. It's held together by that rubber band stuff, so I don't want to stretch it, and risk it breaking. I also don't want to get it fixed with something else, because that'd ruin the authenticity. I turned to Jess, and in typical me fashion said, "Hey Jess, look! I'm never going to take this off." He replied with, "Well, you might want to for bathing purposes." We all laughed, and I said, "yeah, I know that, silly."
Jess was heading home, and Bob and I were heading to Hounddogs for pizza. We'd invited Jess, but he'd eaten before the show. I told him to stay in touched, and I looked forward to hanging out again. He said, "Well, if not before then for sure at the next Royal Thunder show. Then we all went our separate ways.
I'd asked Bob if Royal Thunder was playing on the same day as Goatwhore in April which band he'd like to go see. He said Royal Thunder, and I was quite glad about this. As much as I like Goatwhore, I like Royal Thunder more, and would like to talk with them and hang out with them again. All three of them were just so nice and genuine, and that's rare in Metal bands. I will totally wear the bracelet to the next Royal Thunder show.

Hound Dogs was awesome, and I had leftovers, which gave me an excuse to use the pizza button on the microwave. LOL. I hope people actually read this, since I didn't write it for nothing.

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