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What's been going on around here. Not a whole lot really. Nile is this Wednesday, and I’m pretty excited about this, since I'm always about seeing Death Metal live. I'm irritating people by posting the flyer on Facebook, but they'll get over it, I’m sure. I was just as annoying with Royal Thunder.
Bob and I hung out Friday this time, which was a bit weird. Good time though. Went to the BW3 by my house this time since we had to stay in the general area for the haircut. Service was pretty good, but some of the wings didn't have as much flavor as others, and I was kind of irritated by this. I thought it was because I was still getting over my cold, but I asked Bob, and he agreed.
Sometimes I wonder if we should just go to the BW3 by his old apartment. *shrug* Our waitress's name was Jasmine, and when she'd told us her name, I couldn't help but to think of Aladdin. I of course didn't say anything about it, but I did kind of giggle to myself.
Got my hair cut, which was when Bob got to meet Sarah. I'd not seen her for a year or so, so being able to catch up with her was pretty good. Wendell got all whiny when I was sitting in the chair, and knocked a hair dryer down, but no fires occurred. I love the hell out of that dog, but sometimes she just loves me entirely too much. Sarah and Bob got along nicely, but I expected nothing less. Both are easy to talk to, and both are awesome.
After the haircut Bob and I went to the Polaris mall, where we searched for cartilage rings for me. Ended up getting two different kinds, but the one kind has two different ends, so they can either be spikes or normal hoops. Not complaining about that, since both packs were only $20, and there are 4 rings in each pack. Totally all about the bargain shopping. Bob got a pretty cool ring as well. I kept looking at it, and trying to figure out the design. The pointy end of it kept making me laugh.
Went back to the house after that, and I swore that I was going to fall asleep. We started watching "Beyond Belief, Fact, or Fiction" and I was able to stay awake. I really do like that show a lot, and would like to watch more of it. The story that stuck with me was one where a little boy was seeing a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist had been missing some books that he'd had as a child. I'll not ruin the story, but I was pretty enthralled by it. Sometimes I wish that I were a writer, but guess that's not in the cards for me. I’ve tried it before, and everything I write is just boring. It's like I don't know how to imagine places I've never been or something. I read all the time, so common sense would mean that I should be able to write.
Bob's mom and her boyfriend came over for dinner, and we had this pizza from a place I can't remember, but the crust and such reminded me of Donato's. This was just fine with me, since I like Donato's quite a lot. Watched Jeopardy, and I was disappointed that the only answers I'd gotten right had to do with kids books. This of course has me re-reading The Wind in the Willows, as narrated by Flo Gibson. Bob's mom and her boyfriend left, and bob and I watched more tv for awhile. More My Strange Addiction, and another episode of Beyond Belief. We then read more of Cruel Sacrifice, then went to sleep.
Saturday was the day when I was to meet bob's family, brother excluded, since he didn't make the trip to Columbus. I had no idea what to expect, but it ended up going quite nicely. I can't remember the name of the restaurant that we went to, but the food as well as the service was quite good. The waitress talked to Bob's one nephew a bit, and I thought that was pretty nice of her. I'd go to that place again, I think.
We were invited back to someone's house so that we all could hang out, but Bob had to go to work, so we declined. After meeting the family, I think they're all nice. My favorite thus far being Bob's sister-in-law. I think that she and I might get along all right. I found though that when I was listening to Bob's nephew talking, I'd think to myself, "Rachel's 5-year-old does that." Nothing bad, of course, it's just that I don't hang out with a lot of kids, so when I do, I tend to compare what they do, in relation to the other kids of the same age group. Sometime when Bob's Dad comes in town, I think the three of us might go out to eat sometime. That'll be fun, since I didn't get to talk with his Dad a whole super lot. He did seem quite nice though, so I was glad for this. Now I've just got to meet his brother, and Bob's got to meet my family. This will of course mean a trip up north, but it could very well happen.
I came back home, talked a bit with Dad, and promptly washed my hair. I had waited 24 hours to do this, and it was ever so nice. Sure, I could have showered at bob's, but I don't have toiletries over there yet. this is when I learned that it takes me half the time to dry my hair than when it was half way down my back. Yes, common sense of course, but I'd not gotten my hair cut in like a year. This will change now though, because I like both the length that it's at, and the price I pay for the haircut.
I'd read two of the Golden Filly books over the weekend suggested by Dawn, and I liked them a lot. The only real issue that I have with the books though is the fact that when Trish, the protagonist of the books is working with the horses, she talks to them, and the author makes it seem like they actually listen. I'd like to see the steps that go in to the training for the horses for when they actually race. I'll finish the series of course, since they're light reads. Needed some lighter reading, since I've been reading suspense for the past couple months. Since the week of my birthday, to be exact.
Talked with Liz last night, and that was fun as always. Got to tell her all about the Royal thunder show, then we caught up on life, and shared stories. I'm so excited about her visiting whenever that happens to be. I'm sure everyone here will get along with her just fine. Perhaps after the visit, I can go to see her either later in the year, or sometime next year, since I haven't been to Arkansas since like 96. Ha.
today I found out via Jess that Royal Thunder is coming back on April 30. I'd been pretty tired all day, but when I'd checked my Facebook, and read that, all my energy came back. They're playing at a place I've never even heard of, but the show will be fun regardless. I told bob that I wasn't going to obsess about it for the next month and a half, and he said I most likely would. This is a challenge, and I will win it. Haha.
Not really a whole lot more to say at the moment, so I'll end this entry. Mercedes lackey and Anne Bishop need to be read with the quickness.
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