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So, what's gone on here? sort of a lot. Went to see Royal thunder again and they were just as awesome as they were the first time. Got to hear a couple new songs as well as a few old favorites. Got to hang out with the band for like half an hour, and that was awesome as well. Mlny gave me another bracelet, so now I figure that I've got to find something to give to her in return. she is awesome, and we both like jewelry, so why not? I don't want to be all take take. that's not how I was raised. jess wasn't able to come, which was kind of a bummer, but the evening was still awesome. I'm sure there will be the people that think this didn't really happen, because there are the nay sayers, but whatever. not too concerned about that.
saw Hanzel Und Gretyl a couple weeks ago which was a lot of fun as well. One of the opening bands Phantom 13 were awesome, and we ended up talking with them a lot of the evening. One of the guitarists Rob, was super nice. Perhaps it's something with that name, because I've never really met a Rob that's been a dick. LOL.
Hanzel Und Gretyl were a good band, and in meeting them, the guy was super nice, and the female was a business type bitch. Regardless, I enjoyed their show. Their t-shirts were $25 though, and I've never gotten a t-shirt at a show for any more than 20. This being said, the Hanzel Und Gretyl t-shirt better last me a lifetime, and never fade.
Wolvhammer, and Glorior Belli were this past Sunday, and both bands were good. The guy at the Wolvhammer merch table was relatively nice, and now I've got a t-shirt from them as well. I was joking with Bob, and I said that I'm going to keep getting t-shirts from bands, and I’ll no longer have any non-band t-shirts. I see nothing wrong with this though, since I'm doubting that my music tastes aren't going to change in the near future. The Glorior Belli has my respect though since they spoke relatively good English, and talked a lot during their set, instead of speaking French. The Dark Funeral guy didn't do a lot of talking during their set, and that kind of made me think they didn't know a super lot of English.
Dustin and I have become friends again, and it's something I never thought would ever happen. I'm not complaining though, because we're getting along just fine, and I’m liking it. bob knows about this, and has no issues with it. Both Dustin and I have been talking out our issues, and we've both realized where we've messed up. Not going to go in to detail in a public LJ entry, but it is fair that people know we're friends, and talking again.
Speaking of friends. I see that an ex-friend of mine has her tweets public now. I sort of want to follow her, and resume that friendship, but I don't know if she's interested, and in this case I'm kind of afraid of rejection. My tweets are public though as well, so she could be easily reading my tweets, and I have no idea. She was always fun to talk books with, and well, talk about anything with. We do have mutual followers and such, but I just don't know what to do about the situation. I could just reply to something that she says, and see if she initiates anything, but I don't know. On the other hand, the friendship could be picked up again as if nothing happened. *shrug* I don't have any bad blood with her at all, and if she wanted to continue talking, I’d be fine with this. Maybe she's changed through out the years, and can overlook whatever it was about me that she'd not liked in the past. I seriously had no issues with her. She is smart, fun, caring, and would tell it like it is when the situation arose. Funny thing was, she was so dear to me back in 2000, and 2001, and beyond. If she has no interest in talking to me again, I hope she is doing well, and I wish her the best. I just wish I knew what I’d done wrong.
Book wise, I'm reading David Eddings, and actually liking it. Started The Pawn of Prophecy, and am sort of wondering why I'd ever quit reading it a few years ago. I'd thought it was boring back then, but now I'm like, "wow, this is pretty interesting." It's surely keeping my attention, and that didn't happen a couple years ago and even back in 2000 when I'd started the series. The ex-friend actually read these books as well, but I’m not reading them for that reason. I'm reading them because I want to see how I like them because of the time that's passed, and my reading tastes. I shall also read The Elenium books as well.
I've also gone back to the elm Creek Quilt series, and again, I'm wondering why it took me so long to get back to them. Circle of Quilters ended up being quite good, but The Winding Ways Quilt, I felt wasn't as good. They'd gone back through information I'd already known, and not enough was mentioned about the new applicants to the manner. I will continue with the series though, because I want to see what happens with the characters. Part of me wants to re-read the first couple books to refresh my memory, though past events are mentioned in the last two books I'd read.
Not a whole lot else to talk about, so I’ll go. I hope everyone is well.

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