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Finally, I've gotten the new laptop, and I'm actually liking it a lot. Windows 7 is something to get used to, but I'm not minding it all that well. The only things that get on my nerves are the whole computer letting me know that I"m plugging something in to the headphone jack, and the computer asking me if I really want to install a program.Id not be pressing enter on the setup, if I didn't want to install the program.
What I'm happy about though? The fact that I can once again use intern et Explorer with no issues. This being of course unless I install 4tTray Minimizer. For whatever reason, that particular program makes IE 11 not work. Whatever though. The Windows 7 system restore is probably the greatest system restore that I've ever seen in my computer using history, so I'll not complain. I do have a numpad on this computer, so getting used to using one of those again on a laptop is sort of strange.

Bob and I saw both of the Hunger Games movies. While the first one wasn't nearly as good as the book, I actually liked Catching Fire a lot. I had read all the books before they all became super popular, so my details on the books are kind of sketchy. I think that they left a lot out as far as the movies, but yeah. example, they never even mentioned in the first movie, the name of the place where everything takes place. I'll probably see the third movie when it comes out though. I'll be more familiar with the books, so, we'll see what ends up happening.

Bob and I saw Skeletonwitch last night, ;and the first show of the year was indeed awesome. Only one of the opening bands were pretty terrible, and I'd known that they were going to be terrible from the moment the singer opened his mouth. Call it judging, call it whatever you'd like, but it's my opinion.
This lady had walked over to us at one point, and I'd asked her if she was the lady that'd come to 60 shows last year. She without hesitating was like. "Well, I actually went to 101 shows last year, so that was probably me. I said. "Oh, well, it must be nice to have money like that." She didn't have much to say after that, except that she'd worked for a promotion company here in town. I don't know if she does or not, and someone on my Face book said I was being rude, but whatever. All that particular person does is talk about herself, so whatever. She commented on my Face book, and said that bands like their asses kissed. I disagreed, moved on with the comment thread, and that was that.
Back to the show however. Summon the Destroyer, which was the second band that played were awesome. Really good Death Metal, and I liked them a lot. Dismemberment were good as well, though I'd have turned up the vocals a tiny bit more. Would totally see them again. Skeletonwitch were the best however, and funny enough, their vocals were just fine. It's like sometimes sound people save the best sound for the main band. Either that, or there were different sound engineers for each band. Not sure though. just one of the reasons why I'd love to be a sound engineer. I'd certainly not play favorites, and I'd try my hardest to make the band sound wise, sound good, even if it was a crappy band.

I'd been kind of tired of pizza recently, but Bob and I decided to go to Hounddogs anyway. I don't care how tiref of pizza I actually get, if Hounddogs is suggested, I'll 9 times out of 10 want to go. We'd ended up having a Hawaiian pizza which suited me fine. We've had a couple of their specialty pizza's previously, but we'd both wanted Hawaiian. Service and food were both good.
I shall go for now, but i'll attempt to update this here journal much more often.

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