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I wasn't sure if I was going to install a journal client on the computer, but I finally decided that installing Semagic was the way to go. Not only can I save drafts, but having to go to the Dreamwidth site was kind of irritating me. Yeah, call it laziness, but it works.

So, the birthday ended up being the greatest day of the year, thus far. There was absolutely nothing that it'd change about the day, except for the fact that i sort of wish that some of my out of state friends could have come to the party.
Bob came to pick me up after work that Tuesday night, and we'd decided to go to Steak 'n Shake for dinner. Our somewhat normal waiter, Andrew was there, and I was kind of teasing him about forgetting my sandwich order. To be fair, we'd not gone there in a few weeks, and i do sometimes change it up, so it was kind of funny. I'd ended up getting a chocolate chip cookie dough shake, and that's when I sort of realized that I usually get shakes where there's usually a lot of stuff in the bottom. Whether it be cookie dough mix, or peanut's cup pieces. That particular thought sort of made me chuckle.
We then went back to Bob's, watched some tv, hen crashed at like 3:00 in the morning. I guess I was sort of excited about the celebration that next day. At least that's the only reason I can think of for staying awake for ages.
We woke up at like 12, and since we were going to Hickory House, or so I'd thought, till a few hours later, for the dinner, I'd decided that having cereal for lunch was the best bet. We did end up having coffee at the Cup O' Joe, like we usually do, and my coffee wasn't all that good. Bob kept insisting that he'd get me a different one, since it wasn't to my exact taste, but I kept telling him that that wasn't necessary, since I could actually drink it. I didn't want to be that customer that complained about the drink. If I just couldn't stand it, I would have totally taken him up on his offer. There just wasn't enough French Vanilla in it for my liking. Whatever, it happens.
We then went to hot Topic, where I got some pretty neat jewelry. a beautiful pair of South Western Tassel like earrings, a neat bracelet with a key on it, and a necklace that had a black rose on it. The lady was trying to sell us some Hunger Games stuff, and I won't lie, I ended up getting a Mockingjay bracelet. There was a necklace as well, and since they were in packages, I asked Bob to choose. True to him knowing me like he does, he picked the bracelet. After opening it I'm glad that's what he picked. :)
We then decided that we were hungry, and decided to go to the Texas Road house, for dinner. That was probably the best steak I've ever had in my entire life. Sure, we had that when we went to our friend Tina's birthday, but somehow it tasted better this time, if that's at all possible. Our waitress was a sweetheart, and if I'd had to do any of the paying, I'd have given her a pretty good tip. Bob thought the same thing, and he did exactly that.
We went back to my house after that, for about an hour, and after all that we'd done that day, I was glad to sort of sit down and relax for the 45 or so minutes that it was. Wendell was glad as well, since we decided to give her the night off. The poor girl is getting old, and this is sad. I'd decided that I'd have a drink before we went over to Eldo's, and Bob and i each ended up having one of my beers that I'd gotten for Christmas. Oh, is that Irish beer so lovely. i'm just saying. I'm not a beer drinker at all, so the fact that I can find a beer that i can drink, and not want to puke on is an awesome thing indeed.
it had called Dad to see what was going on with him, and it seemed that he hadd thought that i'd said that the party started at 8, so he was already over at Eldo's. Bob and i had both told him 9:00, or, 8:58, to be exact but I think that Dad was watching tv, and didn't hear us properly. Regardless, we both chuggd the rest of our beer, and ran over, since Dad wasn't going to be there all that much longer, since he'd had to work the next day. Bunnie was there, and she made this big deal out of Dad. Like, "Who's that guy?" Dad told her that it was him, and she'd said that she'd never met him before. i was kind of surprised by this, since Dad's been going to Eldo's a bit more often lately, but at the same time, she is Bunnie, and she is a flake.
Ben ended up showing up, and that totally made my year. I don't know Ben super well, but I've come to the conclusion that he's my favorite friend that I've met through Bob. Keith is a close second. It'd kind of been forever since I'd seen Ben, but that was ok. He came to the party, and we got to talk quite a bit, so that was all that mattered.
Lincoln, Michele, and Jared came in, and that's when I'd learned that the evening was sort of a joint birthday celebration for Michele and I, since her birthday was on January 13th. That suited me just fine, because the more, the marrier. There was this guy Jason that's a friend of Derya's there, and I swear, if he wasn't being my eyes for the evening. Some of the things that he'd tell me that were going on were indeed amusing. TPBH! :-)
Cake was done at about 11:30, and everyone that'd had some said they loved it. A couple people even had more than one piece. If I weren't so full from the dinner, I'd have done the same. Earlier in the evening, people were joking about there being braille on the cake, since there were dots, and such. All that'd mattered to me was that Dad had one piece to take home with me, and we made it so that happened.
I sort of have to take back everything irritating that I've ever said about Ace. I did get to sing three times, and no one had any complaints about that. People did get irritated though, because Bunnie kept hogging people's turns and doing duets, and such. I guess I was having such a good time talking and laughing, that I didn't even notice.
Nothing really more to say about the night, except that it was just fun!

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