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So, I'm trying to update this journal thing here more often. Doesn't help that I've gotten in touch with someone here recently that was like, "Hey, Gina, I miss you updating your LiveJournal. I will warn you all though, that I'm sure I'll talk about Bob, a lot in my entries, but that's to be expected. It's not going to be in a, "Oh, I love him more than anything," kind of way, because while this is true, I'm also not 12, kind of way. It'll most likely be a, "Bob and I did this," sort of way.
Speaking of the "Oh, I do love Bob ever so much," sorts of things though. I feel like everyone is wondering when we're going to get married. While i'd totally say yes, when he does aske me, I also feel like there's absolutely no reason to rush any of this. I have told Bob, that yes, I'd like to be married by the time i'm 40, but you know what, even if that doesn't happen, whenever he does ask is going to be at the perfect time, I'm sure. That's how his head works.
On to what we did, however. We did end up doing a lot of things during our hanging out this week. Thursday, we decided to randomly go on a date, because it well, keeps the spice of the relationship fresh. Yes, we might go out and do the same things that we'd usually do when we're together, but it's the whole mindset of, "Hey, we're going to go on a date." Dress a little nicer, be more romantic than usual, things like that.
We went to Five Guys, Burgers and Fries, because who seriously doesn't like that place? I'm convinced that everyone at all of the branches of that restaurant that we've gone to have been so nice, and funny. It's almost like a trademark, or something for their workers.
We then, since we were rightg there decided to go to Microcenter, because I figured that it'd be a good idea to get a wireless, or USB keyboard for the laptop. Ever since Clay had reformatted it for me, when I use the actual laptop keyboard, I lose my focus all of the time. I'm not sure if there's some sort of Dell software that I've got to download, so I fiture why the hell not buy a wireless keyboard. It took a bit to decide which one to purchase, but I finally decided ona refirbished wireless keyboard, and mouse set for $20. I'm typing this very entry on it, as a matter of fact. My thought is, "Well, why the heck didn't I get one of these ages ago?"
After Microcenter, we headed back to my area to drop off my library books. "Water for Elephants", and "THe Wednesday Group" were quite good, I might add. We just dropped the books off at the dropbox, and it never failed. Shortly after we'd gotten back to my house to relax before Eldo's, I get two texts from the library. "Hey, Gina, you goofy person, you've got two more books in to pick up." I'm paraphrasing. It was actually a lot more boring than that. The text said, "You've bot "Riding Lessons," and the other Sara Gruen book that I can't remember the title of, in at the library. Not forgetting to inform me of the branch of the library that I've gone to for the oh, I don't know, last 20 or so years? We'd figured that we'd go and pick them up Friday, since we'd needed to come back to my area of time for the haircut, anyways.
We then decided that we were going to go over to Eldo's, for karaoke, and while that started out rather dramatic like, it ended being a quite fun evening. Charles and Linda had decided to come out, which was the main reason that we were going over. Linda had comed over to talk with me, and this guy had decided to follow her. He kept asking her if he could give her a hug, and while she did hug him once, he was just being so annoying about it. It was actually rather creepy. He'd walked away, and I looked at Linda, and I said, "Man, that guy is pretty creepy.." She said he was actually just drunk, but I don't know, I just couldn't get rid of the creepy vibe that I'd gotten from him. More time passed, and the guy just wouldn't go away. What ended up happening was, the guy ended up drinking some of Charles's beer, and Linda just wasn't having that. She yelled at him, Claude got on him, and he left, or so we thought.Bob ends up seeing the guy, and says. "Well, hi, my name is Bob. It's really nice to meet you. I just wanted you to know that there are about 9 guys that're wanting to kick your ass,, but yes, it's really nice to meet you." The guy ever so promptly disappeared. I didn't hear this exchange but Bob told me about it. Good that nice kind sarcasm can end things nicely.
Singing wise, the night went pretty well too. Most of the regulars sang their normal songs, but I do have to say. There was this guy that came in and sang a Blues Traveler song. While I'm not a very big Blues Traveler fan at all, that guy sang the song so spot on, the entire bar was impressed. At least, that's what it felt like to me, based on all the applause.
Yesterday was when I'd gotten my hair cut. I hadn't seen Sarah in a good while, so I figured that because it was going to get hot quickly, and that because I was sick of my hair at the length that it was, that I'd just plan the cut for yesterday. Was glad I did, since all of the other clients that Sarah had that I met were quite nice. A couple of the young ladies gave me hope for our youth;. One of the girls, Elena was probably my favorite. She was an up and coming artist, and had just gotten her drivers license. After she'd left, Sarah said that Elena's and my souls matched, and that we'd most likely get along. I'm not sure what the whole souls matching was all about, but yeah. I guess that I could have asked Sarah about it after the fact, but she'd had one person in right after another, so we didn't have a lot of time to talk, just the three of us.
After the haircut, we decided to have Honddogs Pizza for lunch, and that was a pretty good idea. Our waitress was really nice, attentitive, and full of pep.
After running our other errands, we just went back to Bob's house, and ignored the world. That suited mde just fine.
Not going to write a lot more here, just in case this doesn't crosspost. Hope all are well, and I'll update quite soon.

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