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So, let's talk about this whole Wendell passing issue. If you don't want to read, I completely understand, since it's not an easy thing to talk about.

It all started in August. Specifically on Bob's and my 4 year anniversary. Wendell wasn't wanting to get up and walk, and when she did, she was so slow at it. I'd figured that going to the vet would be the best thing to do, so I made the appointment. This was Bob's and my 4-year-anniversary, like I've stated before, but the only thing that I was thinking about was what on earth is going on with my dog. Her blood tests and everything came back clear, but we put her on meds for Arthritis. We were going to try this for a week on those meds, then a week off the meds. The week on meds went pretty well, but we noticed that she kept peeing everywhere. She'd wake up and pee, she'd drink tons, and pee, and she wasn't all that interested in eating. I'm sure that you all know that when a Golden Retriever doesn't swant to eat, something's quite wrong with them.

The week off the Arthritis meds was awful. The same thing kept happening, so we called the vet, and let them know all that was going on. They then suggested putting her on some med that I can't remember the name of, but it was supposed to make her not pee as mucvh. Yet her bloodwork and everything was still clean. They did test for that. We kept her on those meds for not even a week. The Thursday and Friday that I'd spent at Bob's were the most awful ever. Wendell would keep whining, and not stopping. It wasn't the cute dog whine, it was the "Human, I'm really hurting, and this just isn't cool," whine. And yes, she kept peeing everywhere, and food was the last thing she'd wanted, yet she wanted to drink.

Then we get to Monday, August 24th. Bob was going to have a lunch with me, and then have a guy day. I'd called him, and let him know how Wendell was acting. He suggested that I call the vet,and see if I could get her in as soon as I could. For lunch that day, we ended up having HoundDogs, which for those of you that don't know, is a local pizza place. Wendell did want to go with us, because she didn't much like being by herself, she just wanted to walk really really slow. Our vet appointment was for 4:00, or 4:30, I can't remember which. I did call dad at work, and tell him what was going on, and asked him if he could come to the vet with us. He said that if he got off work in time, he'd be there. 3:30 came around, and in comes Dad. The three of us sat in my living room for an hour, watching something on tv, and sort of talking. I sat on the floor, and pet Wendell, as much as I could.

The time for leaving for the vet came, and when Bob had to actually pick her up, and put her in his car, i had this feeling that it was going to be the end for her. Dad drove his truck to the vet, so i wasn't even going to drive with him, or even have Wendell get in the truck on her own. That'd have been too much for her to handle. We then go in to the examing room, and the doctor looks her over. I believe it was Dr. Kellog, who's the older of the two practitioners. She did inform me that Wendell wasn't going to get any better, and that it'd be best to put her down. I thought for a grand total of 5 seconds, and said that was what I'd like to do. My next thought was, "Where in the hell am I going to pay for this procedure. I've not got money for that. Dad didn't want to stay and watch that, but he'd said that if Bob and I really wanted to, that he would, and that Bob and I could go to my house. I decided that I'd like to stay at the vet, and that Dad could go home. With his personality, I knew that while he'd not have minded staying, that wasn't going to be his initial choice, so he left. This meant that Bob, Dr. Kellog, and Wendell and I were alone in the room. She explained to me that she was going to give Wendell two injections. One was going to calm her and relax her, and the other was the actual shot to put her to sleep. I don't remember the name of either injection shot, and I wasn't in the condition to ask.

Wendell was laying on the table, and I think that she knew what was going to happen, since she perked up, for as much as she could because of how she was feeling. Dr. Kellog gave her the first injection, and Wendell shook her ears slowly, and that was progress, since she's not done that, or even given any kisses for at least a week. She then looked at me, and gave me one final kiss, since she was getting really drowsy. I think that's when Dr. Kellog gave her the final shot. She informed us that she was going to walk out of the room, and that we could take as much time as we needed to spend with Wendell. I think she had finally passed by this time, and her time of death was either 5:13, or 5:23. I think we spent probbly 10 minutes in there, but Wendell started to get stiff, and cold, and I didn't really want to see that, As strange as it sounds though, I did give her a hug, cried tons, then told Bob that I was ready to go.

It turned out that Bob ended up paying for that particular vet bill. I asked if he'd needed or wanted me to pay him back, and he told me to not worry about it. Two or so weeks later, Dad gave him some money so I was glad that the two of them could figure that out together. Dad told Bob that he felt that he should pay Bob back, and Bob couldn't say "no."

We then went to my house, and right when I walked in our friend Deanna was there. She wrapped me in her arms, and the two of us cried for a good while. I'd heard the door close, and briefly wondered who had gone outside, and why. I figured it was either Bob, or Dad, and later learned that it was Bob. Soneone, probably Bob after a bit wondered if anyone wanted to go out for a drink. We all agreed to go to Zuey's, since that was the first place that Wendell went, straight from the airport. We walked across the street, and informed the people that knew her, that Wendell had passed. I fought with myself, as to whether I was going to put a status as far aqs Wendell passing on Facebook, then I decided that that'd probably be the best thing to do, because I didn't want to have to tell every single one of my friends what had gone on. With social media being what it was, I was later glad that I'd done that, because it made things easier, as far as the upcoming months.

The house is a lot different without Wendell in it, but I still can't bring myself to get a new dog just yet. Yes, it's a year later, but Wendell and I had a bond that was so strong. I'm closer to thinking about getting a new dog, so maybe at some point next year, I might do this. We'll have to see. Right now, I think i'd just like to play with, and hang out with other people's dogs.
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