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My first Valentines Day with Bob was pretty awesome.
Valentines Day. )
Bob got tired, and left awhile later, and I went back to listening to music, since I'd gotten some new stuff, and wanted to check it out. My favorite of the new stuff thus far being Burlap Wolf King. he's a Country Blues artist, and is just awesome. I sent him a message on Facebook, telling him that I'd gotten his album, and he actually sent me his new EP for free for air play. I felt that I should have paid for it, but I won't complain about free. I'd like to talk with him more on Facebook, since he seems to be a pretty nice guy so far.
Back on the book front though I finished both "Delirium" and "Pandemonium" yesterday and today. They're young adult dystopian novels, and I liked them a lot. Not quite as well as the Matched trilogy but they were indeed captivating. Hopefully the commercial version will be available right when the print edition is out in March so that I don't have to wait a super long time to read it. BARD can be slow with such things. After all, Reached has been out since November, and it's still not on BARD. Luckily I'm getting it from the library as soon as the 7 people ahead of me are finished reading it, but still.

Not much else to say. Going to go back to reading Harry Potter. Also going to re-read the Harold’s of Valdemar series, I think. I should re-read the Black Jewels books since I’m getting a couple of those from the library too, but we'll see. Read those in text as well, so want to read the actual audio books. more soon.

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