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The chronicles of Gina.

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Birthdate:Jan 15, 1980
Website:X Transmission FM
I was born blind, and was adopted when I was four months old, so those parents are the ones I call "mom and dad." I went to the local blind school, here in Ohio, so I sometimes refer to it in my entries, as either OSSB, or the blind school. I graduated high school in 1999, and hope one day to be a Sound engineer, though lately I have taken an interest in Music History. Music is my life, so I talk about it a lot in my journal. Most often, I talk about the various bands i've discovered, and I critique them. Sometimes I even talk about books. Mostly fantasy, but I like other genres as well.
If people want to add me to their friends page, they're more than welcome, just as long as they comment/interact with me. I always welcome new readers, unless people are just weird, are going to start drama, or I have nothing in common with them whatsoever.

People most talked about.
Wendell: Seeing Eye Dog, 8-year-old Golden Retriever from Jersey.

Rachel: My best friend. Woot Woot!
Jen: You know about that?
Rhonda: Mmmmbother, ah, defile!
Nick: The guy that does the open jam at Eldo's, who rocks!
Tomcat: Friend from karaoke, who's a "Shooting Star." :)
Other friends from karaoke: Lincoln, Bob, Michele, Charles.
Deanna: Friend of mine and Dad's.

Zuey's: Bar I used to hang out at.
Eldorado's, AKA Eldo's: Bar i've been hanging out since I was fifteen, literally.
Columbus State, or CSCC, the college I currently attend.

Interests (124):

abigor, acid bath, alec/seregil, altus, amber series, ambient, amon amarth, animals, anne bishop, anton lavey, arghoslent, ashtorath, audio books, audio dramas, bdsm, bestiar, black metal, black onyx, bondage, books, c. s. friedman, carl sagan's ghost, childrens books, classic literature, clutch, computers, corrosion of conformity, courts of chaos, crickets, crystals, dark ambient, dark funeral, dark jewels, darkened soul, david eddings, dax riggs, death metal, death's head hearth, desecration, doom metal, doom:vs, dracula, dragonlance, dreams, e-books, embalmer, eyehategod, fall of empyrean, fantasy novels, fern michaels, filk, foamy, garnet, gem stones, golden retrievers, graveworm, guide dogs, guitar, harry potter, hematite, heralds of valdemar, immolation, insects, internet broadcasting, jewelry, karaoke, krisiun, labrathisattva, laurell k hamilton, leslie fish, librivox, live sound, lucifer, lynn flewelling, magic, magnets, max corbacho, meeting new people, mercedes lackey, merry gentry, moonfog, morphine, music, nortt, october falls, officium triste, old crow medicine show, old man's child, omitir, palancar, raymond feist, renaissance music, roger zelazny, runemagick, sapremia, satanic literature, satanism, seregil, singing, solitude aeturnus, sons of perdition, sorcery, sound engineering, stephen king, summoning, terry goodkind, the amber series, the diamond throne, the ruby knight, the sapphire rose, the tamuli, thy flesh consumed, tjolgtjar, tori amos, uaral, valdemar, valdemar series, vehemence, vemoth, vnv nation, wayne hancock, western music, woven hand, xasthur
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