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The chronicles of Gina.

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Birthdate:Jan 15, 1980
Website:X Transmission FM
I was born blind, and was adopted
when I was four months old, so those parents are the ones I call "mom and dad." I went to the local blind school, here in Ohio, so I sometimes refer to it in my entries, as either OSSB, or the blind school. I graduated high school in 1999, and hope one day to be a Sound engineer, though lately I have taken an interest in Music History. Music is my life, so I talk about it a lot in my journal. Most often, I talk about the various bands i've discovered, and I critique them. Sometimes I even talk about books. Mostly fantasy, but I like other genres as well.
If people want to add me to their friends page, they're more than welcome, just as long as they comment/interact with me. I always welcome new readers, unless people are just weird, are going to start drama, or I have nothing in common with them whatsoever.

People most talked about.

Bob: My wuv.
Rachel: My best friend.
Liz: My other best friend.
Tomcat: Friend from karaoke, who's a "Shooting Star." :)
Other friends from karaoke: Lincoln, Bob, Michele, Charles.
Deanna: Friend of mine and Dad's.

Zuey's: Bar I used to hang out at.
Eldorado's, AKA Eldo's: Bar i've been hanging out since I was fifteen, literally.

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